about us

To provide the highest level of screen printing possible with unwavering passion, impeccable detail, and sustainable practices.

fierce & focused

When we take on a project, we are committed. We know that your business is choosing us for a reason. We provide dedication, creativity, and focus to each and every project.


we've got the skills

We are precise. We are meticulous. We are maniacs for screen printing.


we take things into our own hands

Perfectionism never rests. We set out to be a company where quality is never compromised.


how do you know we aren't robots?

Come to visit our shop. You can feel the fresh and cozy fabrics, see previous work, and most importantly say hi. We know the quality of your project increases when you can talk to a human. We know your project cannot be encapsulated by an online form. We are here to talk to you, and most importantly, to listen.